Everyone is searching for the best investment plan or approach. The problem is everyone claims to have the best approach, so whom can you trust? You need a full service firm that provides you with more than just confidence in your investments… you need a firm that provides you with Investing With Clarity™.

Today's stock market provides investors the best way to be an owner of a quality business. Our portfolios are comprised of 25-35 quality businesses we think you should own. We provide our clients with the knowledge needed to truly understand what they own and why they own it. Conversley, portfolios constructed with Mutual Funds and ETFs do not provide investors with an understanding of what they own in their portfolios and why. They are over-diversified and lack the investment clarity that can ultimately assist you in accomplishing your investment goals.

Do you know what's in your portfolio?

Know what you own, and know why you own it.

- Peter Lynch


Nepsis is a Greek word that means "to be watchful, alert and vigilant; with a clear and sober mind against illusions and fear." In short, Nepsis is clarity. Clarity in your thinking. Clarity in your planning and money management. Clarity in your pursuits for the future. We provide the financial research, information, portfolio management and analysis, and consulting to help you reach your financial goals. Discover how you can start Investing With Clarity™.

Discover the Knowledge You Need to Become a Better Investor.

The Road to Nepsis™ Education Program Can Show You the Way.

Do You Follow Benchmarks and Continually Chase Returns?

We Don't… Let Us Show You Why. It's All About Clarity™.

Do You Know What You Own and
Why You Own It?

See Where Your Portfolio is Going with a Free Portfolio Review.


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Embrace The Fear!

6/4/15 10:37:00 AM by Mark Pearson

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Say "Cheese" and Smile!

3/30/15 4:04:00 PM by Mark Pearson

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